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By Deacon Marc Nestorick

“I have had these cremated remains of my mother in my house for years; what should I do with them?” Too many people ask this question after a loved one is cremated and remains are brought home. While it is the teaching of the Church that individuals, whether full body or cremated, should be placed in a cemetery, this does not happen as often as it should. There are many different reasons people elect to bring their loved one’s cremated remains home- financial, difficulty in making the transition, convenience, etc. Typically, this is not a healthy choice for the grieving process or the spiritual growth of the survivor. In the end, many struggle as to how to respectfully place their loved one in a cemetery.

On All Souls Day this year, Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) offered individuals the opportunity to inter the cremated remains of their deceased loved ones in the ‘Crypt of All Souls’ in Ascension Mausoleum at no cost to the family. Thirty-nine individuals were placed in the ‘Crypt of All Souls’ this year. Some of the individuals passed away this year. Others passed away decades ago. In each case, the families decided that it was time to place their loved one in a cemetery to provide peace and security. One family member stated, “I just didn’t know what to do. This has brought us such peace.”

Family members were invited to attend a Mass followed by the Committal Service. Approximately 225 people attended. This ended with each family member bringing their loved one’s cremated remains forward to be interred in the ‘Crypt of All Souls.’ Final prayers were said for the deceased, and a blessing was provided to those in attendance.

While this is the first time CFCS offered the “Bring Them Home Mass,” the cemetery has been taking cremated remains into its care for many years.  On the third Wednesday of each month, a loved one’s cremated remains are interred into the ‘Crypt of All Souls’ with a Committal Service. The number of interred ranges from 10 – 20 per month. Again, this is done at no cost to the families. “While we take cremated remains into our care every month, we wanted to take the opportunity on this All Souls Day to increase an awareness of the opportunity to bring cremated remains into our care and the importance of that internment.” Deacon Marc, Outreach Manager for the Cemetery, went on to say that “we intend to continue our monthly ‘Crypt of All Souls’ Services while also holding the ‘Bring Them Home Mass’ on future All Souls Days.”  The work of CFCS is focused on helping people fill the void of loss with faith, and this day brought the closure that so many needed.

If you would like more information about the Crypt of All Souls, please get in touch with Deacon Marc Nestorick at deacon.nestorickm@archden.org or call the cemetery at 303-715-2083.




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