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Flowers have played an important role in funerals for hundreds of years. They are looked upon as a way to honor the deceased, represent the fragile nature of life, and bring comfort to those left behind. Today you can find flowers being used in funerals in the way of sprays and other arrangements, referred to as funeral flowers, as well as smaller arrangements referred to as sympathy flowers being sent to the family in mourning. Directors of funeral homes in Denver, CO. share more about what you need to know about these two types of arrangements.

Funeral Flowers

As mentioned, funeral flowers are used as part of the funeral. They can also be used in other services such as wakes, viewings, and visitations. Most all funeral flower arrangements will be sent by family or very close family friends. Because these arrangements are used in the funeral they are delivered to the funeral home or church rather than an individual family member’s home.

Most often funeral flowers will be in arrangements that include:

  • Standing sprays
  • Baskets
  • Wreaths
  • Casket Mounds
  • Shapes such as hearts and crosses

Sympathy Flowers

While funeral flowers are a visual tribute to the deceased, sympathy flowers are meant to offer support and express sympathy for the grieving family. These arrangements are typically smaller and are delivered straight to the family member’s home.

Funeral flowers are typically only sent by family or very close family friends, but sympathy flowers can be sent by friends, extended family, and even acquaintances. Anyone who wishes to send their condolences can do so with sympathy flowers.

You can find premade arrangements through online retailers and florists. You can also visit a local florist or retailer and have them create a special one-of-a-kind arrangement to send.

Best Types of Flowers

No matter what type of arrangement you are sending, there are some types of flowers that are more appropriate than others for this circumstance. Some of the most popular and common flowers and their meanings are:

  • Lilies– represent rebirth
  • Orchids– express hope, peace, and courage
  • Tulips– signify peace, love, and hope
  • Daises– represent hope and peace
  • Snapdragons– excess grace and strength
  • Iris– show faith, courage, admiration, and wisdom
  • Gladiolus– express integrity and strength
  • Lavender– represents devotion, grace, and purity

Things to Considerfuneral homes in Denver, CO

When sending funeral flowers, you will want to make sure you send them directly to the church or funeral home. Make sure to include the name of the deceased or the family on the card so that the location will know which funeral they are for.

Also, because these flowers are being used in the funeral, you will need to make sure you send them in a timely manner so they will arrive in time.

With sympathy flowers, you have more flexibility when it comes to sending them. You can feel free to send these flowers anywhere from right after the passing to a few weeks afterward. Don’t hesitate to send an arrangement because you think too much time has passed as the delivery of flowers is always a welcomed gift that brightens anyone’s day.

If you would like more information on flowers for funeral homes in Denver, CO, give us a call as we are always here to help answer any questions you may have.

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