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Many people are still under the belief that they cannot have a ground burial with cremation services in Lakewood, CO. However, this is simply not the case. A ground burial with cremation is in fact possible and is much like that of a burial of someone who has not been cremated. To learn more about how burial works with cremation, keep reading as we dive deeper into this topic.

First Steps of Cremation With Burial

The first thing that happens with cremation and burial is that the body will be brought to the crematory. Here, all the necessary paperwork such as the death certificate and additional paperwork is completed. The body is then taken to the crematory and the cremation takes place.

After the Cremation

Once the cremation has taken place, the cremains is returned to the family in an urn of their choice or a temporary urn. If the deceased will be buried, this is typically done in a biodegradable urn.

Why Have a Burial with Cremation?

There are a variety of reasons people may choose to have their loved one’s remains buried after cremation. One reason is religious beliefs. Many religions are accepting of creation but feel the cremains should be kept together and buried.

Other families may simply wish to bury their loved one’s remains so they have a physical place to be able to visit and feel close to their loved ones.

Selecting a Burial Location for Cremains

There are many places that offer burial plots for cremation urns. Two of the most popular types of plots are:

  • Cremation Graves – These are burial spots that are specifically for cremated remains. They are smaller than the plots for casket burials and some plots may hold two or more cremation urns. You can typically find the spaces available in cemeteries and cremation gardens.
  • Private Burial Plot – These plots are for those who want a private location and most likely will have several plots in a grouping so that many family members can be buried alongside one another.

Do You Need an Urn Vault?cremation services in Lakewood, CO

Many cemeteries may require families to purchase and use an urn vault for their burial. If you are not familiar with an urn vault, it is a container that provides protection against water and other natural occurrences from damaging the cremation urn. This vault also helps the ground to not shift or move once the urn has been buried. While most cemeteries do require these vaults, it is up to the individual location. If you are not sure if you will need an urn vault or not, make sure to contact the cemetery directly and ask.

Final Thoughts

While some people may choose cremation services in Lakewood, CO. because they wish to have their ashes scattered, many people will want to have their cremains buried. Whether this is due to religious beliefs or personal preference, it is nice to know that this act can be done and is done quite frequently. Because of this, it is easier than ever for families to find a location and arrange the services for their loved ones to be buried after cremation.

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