Our Staff

Christopher Thoennes

Family Service Advisor | 303.715.2054

It is Christopher Thoennes’ privilege to be part of Mt. Olivet. Growing up in Wisconsin, Christopher’s boyhood home had 3 cemeteries close by. These cemeteries contained generations of his family and were much more than just a final resting place. These cemeteries became Christopher’s playground, his city park and an introduction to a lifelong fascination with history. That love of history would culminate in a Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in History and Fine Art.

Like so many, Christopher’s big Catholic family taught him the blessings of family, the importance of service and beauty of traditions. These lessons have guided Christopher throughout his life but were never more important than when he took on the role of Stay at Home Dad to his three daughters. The greatest gift Christopher has ever received has been the time he spent teaching and learning with his girls, Jessica, Olivia and Camille. Christopher remembers calling his mom about 6 months into his new job, as Stay at Home Dad, to offer a blanket apology for everything he had ever done! It is these lessons that he tries and bring to his role at Mt. Olivet, respect for those who have come before us, for it is they who teach our history and traditions. Humbleness in his journey of faith and life, when he listens, he learns and grows. Service, it is only through serving others that we find what is best in ourselves.