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Hello welcome and to the funeral facts with Deacon Marc this week we’re going to talk about the question of do you need to have a funeral mass? 

Oftentimes we have individuals come up to me and say you know what mom went to mass all the time but we don’t go to mass anymore so we don’t really need the mass. Do we still need to have the funeral mass?  

You want this simple answer?  


Because the funeral mass is not for us it’s partially for us but it’s more so for that individual who’s passed away. It’s their final time to be in the church in the presence of the Eucharist and we believe that we are giving that person the prayers for the journey to the heavenly father.  

For it says in the catechism; 

“She the church asks to purify this child of their sins and the consequences and to the pascal fullness of the table of the Kingdom” 

So during the funeral mass what we’re doing is we are coming to our heavenly father who is fully merciful and loves us of the eternally and saying we’ll pray for this person and we’re commending them over to you and so when we have the funeral mass yes it’s helpful to all those that are here in the congregation to help us fill that void of loss that we have. 

Remember that God gave us his love and that our gift is a total gift to us but one of the amazing reasons why we have the funeral mass is so for that loved one passed away could be here in the presence of Eucharist in communion with the entire church as we turn that individual over to the love and mercy of God so do you want to have a funeral mass?  


And should you have a funeral mass for your loved one? 


That’s funeral facts of Deacon Marc for this week 

Make it a great week! 

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