Onsite Cemetery Chapel in Aurora, CO

If you are looking for a Catholic faith-supported burial site among the cemeteries in Aurora, CO, check out Saint Simeon Catholic Cemetery. This beautiful burial park has earthen burial plots for caskets and urns, above-ground crypts for caskets, private mausoleum structures, and columbarium niches. These varied options assure that you and your loved ones will be able to find the perfect resting place for one another. Holding services in one convenient location at the cemetery can ease any transportation headaches for you and your guests on the day of the honoring ceremonies.

In addition to the onsite chapel, Saint Simeon also has an onsite monument shop that can make it convenient to visit when you are ready to place the order and have your headstone or gravemarker set. Special sections of the cemetery can be purchased for families so that there are secured spaces to ensure burial can be nearby when needed. Some of the most challenging losses are infants and children, which can be laid to rest in the cemetery’s Precious Lives and Children section.


Burial Options Available in Cemeteries in Aurora, CO

If you are looking for a Catholic funeral, you likely already know that the Church’s preferred method of final arrangements is a funeral followed by a sacred burial. This reverence for the body in the final ceremony and burial placement creates a site for the body to be laid to rest while awaiting the resurrection on a future day. If a traditional funeral with casket burial is not workable for some reason, the Church has also approved cremation as a means to care for deceased remains. If you seek cremation, you will want to work with a provider who will respect the body through each process phase.

We mentioned some of the burial solutions available briefly in cemeteries in Aurora, CO, here, but let’s take a second look to define what these options mean:

Burial Plot for Casket or Urn: The plot for a traditional casket can receive up to a full-sized coffin in most locations. A burial urn holds just a few pounds of cremated remains and is much smaller than a full-sized casket. Urn plots are therefore much smaller than traditional casket plots.

Above-Ground Casket Crypts: In the summer of 2022, casket crypts are coming and designed to be a monument and a tomb. These are beautiful ways to protect and enclose your loved one’s remains securely.

Private Mausoleum Structures: A private mausoleum structure is another above-ground option for a casket burial. These can be substantial and impressive monuments to keep your loved ones’ remains secure from intrusion and inclement weather.

Columbarium Niches: These are the above-ground solution for burying or entombing cremated remains. These are sometimes enclosed in a building (called a Columbarium House) or in a free-standing structure called a Columbarium Wall. In either case, the niches are locker-like compartments designed to hold the urn containing the cremated body of your loved one.


Grief Support Programs

Knowing how difficult it can be to move forward after losing someone close to you when death strikes, we are pleased to offer our client families supportive help for navigating grief. We work closely with the professionals at Saint Rafael Counseling to provide a three-tiered approach to learning about and moving through the initial weeks and months following the loss.

Our first tier is an online educational class offered monthly as a Grief Support Class. Though it is free to attend, registration is required. This class discusses what you can expect through the grieving process and when to know if you may need additional help and support. It is key to be able to identify a healthy grief response and severe depression, for example. Helpful strategies to cope and move through this harrowing time will be given too.

Tier two is available to persons who complete the first class and would like to participate in a Grief Support Group. Each group will meet three times, with a month between each meeting. All sessions are facilitated by appropriately licensed and experienced grief counselors. If you come to the end of these sessions and still need further support, you may be referred for additional counseling services with a certified professional over an extended timeframe. Tier three differs from the first two programs as the individual attending pays for it.


A Beautiful and Healing Place of Rest

After several years of diligent planning, Archbishop Chaput blessed the picturesque and tranquil Saint Simeon Catholic Cemetery in April 2004. It has been a place of beauty and healing in connection with services like cemeteries in Aurora, CO, and surrounding areas. We invite you to come and see the place of serenity and rest located at 22001 E Highway 30, Aurora, CO 80018. Please call (720) 859-9785 to make inquiries or schedule an appointment.

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*** Cemetery Spring Cleanup in April and May. Families are encouraged to remove any items that are not within the guidelines and that compromise the 8” restriction in front of monuments. ***