"I have been through three events related to relatives passing away at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery this past 7 years. Two events were concerning my parents and one event was concerning a relative. Dad and Mom were put to rest at Mt. Olivet in 2015 and 2022. The staff was very professional and did an excellent job. I went to a funeral Mass service at Mt. Olivet for Mom's first cousin and my second cousin, Richard Sanger, in recent years. He played on Nebraska's national football championship team in the early 1970s. The funeral Mass was done well and the reception after the funeral was a delight, as we visited with relatives and friends, and enjoyed good food. My grandparents on Mom's side are buried at Mt. Olivet. When my parents were alive, we would venture there to view their grave sites during Memorial Day. I am glad I have my burial plan via Mt. Olivet. Mom wisely encouraged me to get it about 17 years ago. Mt. Olivet has been very professional, polite, and loving. This is what Jesus Christ would want for families who have lost loved ones. I posted pictures of my parents, who were servants of Christ all of their lives. They honored their parents and served Christ via the church, public education, and via the community. They loved God and their neighbor."

- Dan R. (October 11, 2022)

"Good Afternoon, Deacon Marc!  I have been meaning to send a quick email to express our great appreciation to you for putting us in contact with Cherise Lasley. We had a very productive meeting with her at Mount Olivet, on September 20th, in which she helped us make important decisions regarding cremation and burial.

Cherise did not hurry the process in any way. She allowed time for general discussion, so we could get to know each other. Only then did we move on to the specific topic of interest for us, which was to get a clear understanding of the services Mount Olivet provides. With Cherise's help, my wife and I made long overdue commitments and we are completely satisfied with the decisions we made.

Our time with Cherise was very productive and she made our visit to Mount Olivet very enjoyable. She provided important insight, answered all of our questions, and was completely professional. Please tell Cherise that her assistance was extremely helpful to us. Thanks again for directing us to Cherise."

- Wayne R. (October 11, 2022)

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