Planning ahead is one of the most loving and responsible gifts you can provide for your family. It allows you to make your wishes known and provides a peace of mind knowing that your funeral and cemetery plans are taken care of in advance. Contact one of our friendly and experienced staff today at 720.358.5219 or send us a message.

5 great reasons to plan ahead today:

An act of love for your family

Pre-planning is an act of love which gives you the chance to touch your family even after you’ve passed. You’ll be able to ease your family’s financial burden, highlight your own faith, and clarify your own personal preferences.



Make sure your wishes are met

Pre-planning allows you to be a part of the planning process and alleviate most of the anxiety families feel when trying to carry out the wishes of their loved one.

Be a witness to your faith

Because faith is a core component of your being, pre-planning allows you another opportunity to impact the faith-life of those you love. The way you plan for your passing, is a way to highlight what is important to you – we encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity.



Save money

Arrangements made in advance help save money for you and your family over time. We have a variety of discounts and payment options including no-interest financing in pre-need purchases.

Secure peace of mind

There is a lot to be said for, “one less thing to worry about.” There is no doubt this is true and pre-planning will help you enjoy living, to know there is a large responsibility that has been taken care of for you and your family.


Start planning for your future.

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