Find Comfort with Religious Aspects for Funeral and Cremation in Wheat Ridge, CO

As a charitable organization, CFCS Colorado has been providing end-of-life services in Wheat Ridge, CO and the surrounding areas. We have years of experience providing funeral, cremation, and cemetery services, as well as offering educational outreach to parishes and caregiver organizations. We are dedicated to professionally bringing faith and understanding to those making end-of-life decisions for themselves or those they love. We help individuals achieve their final wishes and empower families to make thoroughly informed decisions. We are here to offer you guidance and support during your time of need and serve all faiths and offer services to everybody. Call us today at (720) 605-0689.

Though death is not something most of us like to think about, it is something that we will face personally and likely through the loss of a loved one. Plans can be set far in advance of need with the selection of services like a funeral and cremation in Wheat Ridge, CO. You can take those steps as part of your estate planning. But, of course, preplanning is not always possible, and so designing these arrangements at need is a task that falls to the closest living relations.

When you are facing conversations about mortality, there can be a great comfort to persons of faith when religious aspects for final services are considered and implemented. Knowing the most appropriate ways to honor a person of faith in keeping with relevant religious traditions is easily accommodated by professionals who are intimately aware of these kinds of details. You will have this benefit built right in when you make plans for final services through the Archdiocese of Denver Funeral Home at Mount Olivet.


Learn How On-Site Services with Full-Providers may Simplify Funeral and Cremation in Wheat Ridge, CO

One of the things that can make this particular provider attractive is that all of the services you may need for caring for the deceased and laying them to rest can be offered through one team. These trusted professionals will oversee each aspect of your loved ones’ deathcare and assure that the remains are treated with dignity and respect. In addition, working with one firm to arrange all services means you won’t spend time and extra expense coordinating services between multiple providers and establishments.

Catholic tradition still recommends a funeral with the body of the deceased present for the services if at all possible. Ideally, the funeral service is followed by a burial in a sacred space such as a cemetery connected to the church if desired. The services can be held at the cemetery in the on-site chapel or reception center at this particular location. Of course, the funeral home or your own church will also be great options.

Cremation has been approved as a solution in the official church position for 50 years. That means if cremation of the body is a better fit for your situation, that is an acceptable means of caring for deceased remains. The funeral should be held with the cremated body present for the service in this case. In keeping with the position that the body is sacred and should be handled with the highest degree of respect and dignity, the burial of the cremated remains should be completed after the funeral.

Holding cemetery services to commit the remains to the grave can also bring a feeling of conclusion and hope as we look toward the resurrection that awaits this soul. Archdiocese of Denver Funeral Home at Mount Olivet can help arrange multiple burial options in remarkable cemeteries with both funeral and cremation in Wheat Ridge, CO.


Lifting Heavy Hearts: Connecting Grieving Persons with Supportive Care

Grief is a journey without a well-defined road map, though many resources can help ease this difficult transition. We are pleased to be able to connect you with tiered levels of support to help you and your relations work through these emotional days and weeks. The first tier offers empowering education to help you better understand your experiences with grief and perhaps what you might expect. Knowing what to watch for and what is possible can make an unknown journey less uncertain. Coping strategies are also offered in this first class.

Tier two is available on a referral basis after attending the virtual class in tier one. Tier two is a virtual support group for grieving individuals. It is run by a licensed and experienced counselor who is qualified to assist in this way. This group will meet three times at one-month intervals. There is no charge for tier one and two services. After moving through these first tiers, you may be referred for extended support with a certified counselor if you need additional support. This service will need to be paid for by the individual receiving the counseling.


Choose Caring Professionals to Handle Every Detail for Current or Future Needs

Planning for final arrangements, especially when you have a solid religious tradition you would like to have respected, means you will want to work with trusted professionals who understand your faith. To put your mind at ease now, you can make these plans today, even if you don’t expect to die for many years to come. Prepayment of future plans can also help with the financial aspect of funerary and death care needs since payments can be made without interest in the meantime.

Contact the compassionate professionals at Archdiocese of Denver Funeral Home at Mount Olivet for supportive assistance for current and future needs with funeral and cremation in Wheat Ridge, CO. Our facilities are found at 12801 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. Call (303) 425-9511 with your questions today.


Funeral and Cremation FAQs

  • What is a funeral?

The funeral is a time to grieve and celebrate the life of someone who has passed away. It provides an opportunity for those left behind, including friends or family members, express their love toward that person by talking about what made them special in this world.

  • What type of service should I have?

Only you can answer that question. The type of service conducted for the deceased, if not noted in a pre-plan, is decided by the family. The service is usually held at a place of worship or at the funeral home. The service may vary in ritual according to religious denomination or the wishes of the family.

  • Do you have funeral and burial assistance?

Yes, we have burial and funeral assistance. For more information about the kind of assistance we offer, head over to this page. You can also give us a call at 720-358-5219 for more details.

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