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When selecting an urn for your loved one after their cremation services in Wheat Ridge, CO. there are several things to keep in mind. Some of these things include the size of the urn, the material it is made of, as well as where it will reside. Let’s take a look at each of these factors a little more.

Size of the Urn

Did you know that urns are available in different sizes? When selecting your loved one’s urn, it is important you purchase one that is the appropriate size. To know what size you need, you will refer to how much your loved one weighed. This is because, for every pound of body weight, one cubic inch of space is needed. This means that for example, someone who weighed 150 pounds would need an urn size of 150 cubic inches or more.

The Material of the Urn

Urns today can be found in a wide range of various materials. Some of the most common include:

  • Metal Urns – These metal urns can be made from pewter, bronze, brass, steel, copper, and bronze
  • Cultured Urns – These urns are made to mimic the look of other materials such as wood, granite, ceramic, and even marble. They are made from a synthetic material and come in a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Wood Urns – Wood urns can be made from mahogany, oak, maple, pine, walnut, cherry, and more.
  • Stone Urns – These sturdy and elegant stone urns are made from cultured and real marble, soapstone, granite, and even jade.
  • Glass and Ceramic Urns – These fragile urns are made using processes such as coloring, glazing, firing, and glass blowing. While delicate they can be quite beautiful.

Location of the Urncremation services in Wheat Ridge, CO

Another factor you want to keep in mind when selecting your loved one’s urn is where it will be placed. Most Catholic families choose to either have it interred in the consecrated grounds of a Catholic Cemetery or placed in a columbarium niche.

Which place you select will play a role in the material and design choice of the urn. For example, if you plan on placing the urn in a glass front columbarium niche, you may opt for a beautifully designed glass or ceramic display urn. Another nice option for this location would be a wood urn as it can be engraved to add details about your loved one that can be seen through the glass front of the niche.

By contrast, you may not wish to select a delicate glass urn if it is being buried. Instead, a stone urn such as granite or marble may be a more suitable choice.

Final Thoughts

You can see that there are many factors that go into selecting the right urn for your loved one. Luckily, urn makers as well as providers of cremation services in Wheat Ridge, CO. can help guide you in this process and help you select the perfect one for your needs. And, as always, we are here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have so feel free to reach out to us any time.

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