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Using Art to Help Cope With Grief

Throughout history, people have turned to art to help them express their feelings and emotions. This is no different when it comes to working through and processing the grief of losing a loved one. These feelings may be intense, and you may not be sure how to handle them Through mediums such as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and more, people have gained many benefits. As directors of funeral homes in Thornton, CO., we understand how important is to handle your grief in a healthy way.

Benefits of Using Art to Cope with Grief

Other than letting your mind focus on something else and giving it a much-needed break from focusing on your loss, art provides several other benefits. One of the benefits creating provides is a sense of control. When you lose someone close to you, your whole world can feel out-of-sorts and out of control. Having an activity that is in your control can bring a little steadiness back into your life.

Another way art can help is to help get you in your “flow state”. This is when you are so immersed in an activity that you forget out everything else and achieve a sense of calmness. It is almost as if time stands still and feels very similar to when people sit and meditate. Your heart rate and stress levels lower and you simply feel “at the moment”.

How to Get Started

The good thing about using art to help cope with grief is that you don’t have to be an expert or even have ever tried anything artistic in the past. Anybody can do this. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Decide the medium – If you feel you want a peaceful, calm activity maybe select a mandala coloring book where you can sit quietly and color. If you are feeling more heightened emotions perhaps choose a big canvas and paint while standing or break tiles to create a mosaic.
  • Gather supplies – Get everything you need and have it ready to go. This will help you stay in the moment once you get started and not interrupt your flow to go and find something you forgot.
  • Let go of judgment – Take a deep breath and just start. Let go of any judgment or expectations and just letfuneral homes in Thornton, CO whatever comes up happen. This isn’t a piece of art you are trying to impress anyone with or win an award for, this piece is for you and you only.
  • Try different mediums – Don’t feel like you have to stick to just one medium. Give yourself permission to try several and see which one or ones you like and connect with the most.

Final Thoughts

As directors of funeral homes in Thornton, CO. we understand how important it is to handle your grief in a healthy way. While art may be a wonderful outlet for some, others may handle their grief better in other ways such as working out or journaling. If you would like more resources on grief support please reach out to us anytime as we are always here and available to help.

funeral homes in Thornton, CO

Casket Wraps: Creating a One-of-a-Kind Casket

Caskets today come in a variety of materials as well as styles. This is such a wonderful opportunity for families to choose options that truly reflect their loved one’s style and tastes. Another, newer option that is catching on is personalizing the deceased’s casket with a casket wrap. If you aren’t familiar with the customization option, directors of funeral homes in Thornton, CO. share what you need to know.

What is a Casket Wrap?

A casket wrap is a piece of vinyl that has been designed with a pattern, logo, portrait of the deceased, or any other image the family requests. The piece of vinyl is then applied to the casket with a process that gives the illusion of the actual casket itself being printed with the image. With the wrap being able to be so personalized, it is a very effective way to make the casket truly unique to your loved one.

Why Choose a Casket Wrap?

One reason that families may choose to have their loved one’s casket adorned with a vinyl wrap is that it can allow the family to create a truly one-of-a-kind casket for their loved one. With just about any image being able to apply, one family could have a casket that has a background pattern of flowers while another family may choose to have an image of a flag covering the casket.

And although there is the cost of the vinyl wrap, families may also be able to save a little money. They can do this by choosing a less expensive material for the casket since it will be covered by the wrap.

How Does the Process Work?funeral homes in Thornton, CO

While you can purchase casket wraps from a number of various dealers, the process for designing and installing them is fairly the same. The typical order will go something like this:

  • Communication – Contacting the company and talking with them about things like the date and location of the service is an important first step as it ensures the wrap can be designed and delivered on time.
  • Placing Your Order – Once you and the provider have agreed on the timeframe and any other issues, you will place your order either online or over the phone with them.
  • Design – Most providers will have options of stock images and designs you can use as well as offer customized designs. You will work with the provider and create the design. You may need to provide digital images or photographs to the provider.
  • Printing – The provider will then print the casket wrap on the vinyl material.
  • Shipping – If the provider is not local, they will then ship the wrap to your location.
  • Installing – Local providers will then apply the wrap to the casket. If the provider is not local, they will typically have a local 3rd party installer apply the wrap.

Final Thoughts

Vinyl wraps are not new as you have most likely seen them being used on commercial vans and cars. However, casket wraps are a newer and growing trend. With the ability to truly create a one-of-a-kind casket for your loved one, it is no wonder these wraps are so popular. Directors of funeral homes in Thornton, CO. can help you learn more about these wraps and if it is a good choice for your loved one’s casket.

funeral homes in Thornton, CO

Remembering Your Loved One: 8 DIY Upcycling Ideas

Feeling close to a loved one after they pass is a wonderful way to find comfort. This can be done in many ways but one way that is growing in popularity is upcycling an old item of your loved one. If you are not familiar with the term “upcycling”, it simply means taking an old, unused item, and transforming it into a new one that is used in a different way. Keep reading as directors of funeral homes in Thornton, CO. share eight DIY upcycling ideas.

1. Tea Cup Candles

Did your loved one have a teacup they loved or a collection? If so, taking these tea cups and making candles out of them is a wonderful way to upcycle this item. You can then use the candle as part of a memorial or simply pretty décor for your home or office.

2. Vinyl Record Clock

If your loved one was a music fan, why not take one of their old vinyl records and turn it into a clock? There are several DIY videos on YouTube as well as other online tutorials on how to complete this project.

3. Bicycle Planter

Add a touch of your loved one to your garden by making a planter out of their old bicycle. This is not a difficult project and will add a wonderful personal touch to your garden.

4. Make a Quilt

By using some of your loved one’s old clothes, you can make a beautiful memorial quilt. There are tutorials on how to do this or you could take the pieces of clothing to a professional and have them create the quilt.

5. Spoon Windchimes

Taking some of your loved one’s old silverware and creating a windchime is an easy afternoon DIY project. You could use only one type of silverware such as all spoons, or all forks, or get creative and mix it up.

6. Create a Pillowfuneral homes in Thornton, CO

A very easy and wonderful way to feel close to your loved one is to create a pillow out of one of their old t-shirts. There are instructions online on how to do this with or without sewing. Having this pillow to snuggle with can be a great way to feel comforted by your loved one.

7. Transform Furniture

If your loved one had an old dresser, there are ways to take the drawers and create a brand new side table. You can use this side table next to your bed, in your living room beside your couch, or any other place where you want to be reminded of your loved one. Finding these instructions online is easily done by performing a Google search.

8. Transform a Piece of Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can be transformed into several different new items. From using pieces to turn into hair clips to keychains, there are a ton of DIY videos to help guide you through whichever project you choose.

After your loved one’s services from funeral homes in Thornton, CO. finding ways to feel connected to them can go a long way in helping you to heal. Creating something new from something old also reminds us that even though they may be gone from this world, their spirit lives on in the next.

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