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Cleaning and Caring for Your Glass Urn

If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant urn for your loved one’s cremains, you might consider a glass urn. These urns come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs and tend to add a touch of elegance to any room they are placed. While they are truly breathtaking, they are also very delicate so it is important that you know how to properly care for and maintain your glass urn. Providers of cremation services in Denver, CO. share these tips to help.

Why Glass Urns are So Special

To truly appreciate glass urns, it’s important to understand everything that goes into making them. While other material urns may be mass-produced, many glass urns are handmade by artisans known as glassblowers.

The process starts when a mixture that typically includes limestone, soda ash, and sand. This mixture is then heated at an extremely high temperature until it melts down. This thick molten liquid is then molded and shaped by the glassblowers before finally being set into a chamber to cool. The result is an urn that looks more like a piece of art.

Where to Place Your Glass Urn

With these urns being made up of glass they are very delicate. Because of this, it is important to pay attention to where you place them. Some tips for keeping your glass urn safe are:

  • Keeping the urn in a low-traffic area of your home
  • Placing the urn high enough to be kept away from children and/or pets
  • If placing the urn on a shelf, makes sure there is enough room so that the urn can sit back on the shelf away from the edge

How to Best Clean Your Glass Urn

Keeping your glass urn clean is essential to letting its beauty shine through. Clearing away any dust and debris will allow the glass to look clear and get rid of any smudges. To clean your urn, simply get a soft dry cloth and wipe away any dust or dirt build-up. You can also add a little water to remove any stubborn dirt. If using water, always make sure to dry your urn completely afterward to avoid staining or water spots.

For a deeper clean, it is recommended that you use a soft dry cloth and a high-quality all-natural glass cleaner every three months or so. Make sure the glass cleaner you choose does not contain chemicals as these chemicals can damage the urn over time.

Inspect Your Urn for Damagecremation services in Denver, CO

When you are cleaning your urn always inspect it for any signs of damage. Look for things such as:

  • Any chips in the glass
  • Small (or large) cracks
  • Scratches
  • Cloudiness of the glass

If you notice any damage, make sure to call a glass repair professional often times they may be able to repair the damage.

Final Thoughts

If you want a unique and truly beautiful urn for your loved one after their cremation services in Denver, CO., a glass urn can make a perfect choice. While these urns are delicate, with proper maintenance, care, and handling, they can be a keepsake for generations.

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Considerations When Selecting a Cremation Urn

Choosing an urn after your loved one’s cremation services in Denver, CO. can feel overwhelming. After all, this container has great importance and will be the final resting place for your loved one’s cremains for years to come. You want something that does your loved one justice, but also is going to be durable and appropriate for where it will be displayed. Although there are several designs and types to choose from, if you keep the following things in mind when shopping, it can help you select the perfect one.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Dimensions

Before you start shopping for the urn, it is important to know where you plan to display it. For example, will it be resting on a shelf or mantle in your home? Perhaps you wish to have it placed in a columbarium niche. In any case, you will need to measure the space and know what dimensions the urn will need to be. Make sure to pay attention to the measurements such as height, width, and depth of the space. The same is true if you wish for the urn to be buried as many will need to fit inside the cremation vault.

Choosing the Correct Size

Many people may not be aware that cremation urns actually come in different sizes. Determining what size you need depends largely on how much your loved one weighed as the standard rule of thumb is for each pound of body weight, one cubic inch of space is needed. This means that, for example, a person who weighed 145 pounds would need an urn of at least 145 cubic inches or more.

Select the Most Appropriate Material

Urns today come in a wide selection of materials. Everything from wood to glass and steel. Each of these materials has its own set of pros and cons and is each suitable for certain environments more than others.

For example, if you plan on having your urn displayed at home in a busy area of the house where it may get knocked over, you may wish to choose a more durable material such as wood orcremation services in Denver, CO metal over a more delicate one like glass or ceramic.

Set a Budget and Stay Within This Range

Just as there are many types, styles, designs, and materials that urns can be found in, the same is true when it comes to pricing. Urns today can start out very budget friendly to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. To make sure you select an urn that you don’t regret later, make sure to set a budget and stay within this range.

Final Thoughts

Selecting your loved one’s urn after their cremation services in Denver, CO. can seem very overwhelming. Just remember to take a deep breath, consider these things we have discussed and take your time. If you need more help, take a family member or close family friend with you while shopping. They can offer their support and advice and be a second opinion when needed.

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Memorializing a Facebook Account

Social media plays a big role in our lives today. Most everyone you know has a Facebook account as this is the social media giant that started it all. But what happens to the account after someone passes away? Are there steps you should take to determine how your account is handled when you are gone? What does it mean to have an account “memorialized”? As providers of cremation services in Denver, CO. we often get asked these questions and more.

Today we are going to share what you need to know about Facebook accounts and how they can be handled when it comes to passing away. Note that the information here is specific to the Facebook platform. This means that if you or your loved one had additional accounts on other platforms, such as Twitter, you would need to contact them directly as each platform has its own policies in regard to how accounts are handled after passing away.

About Memorialized Facebook Accounts

If your loved one did not set a legacy contact or choose to have their account deleted after they pass, you can have the account “memorialized”.

Memorializing your loved one’s Facebook account after they pass is a way to keep their profile page visible and allow friends and family to have a virtual place to visit and share photos and memories.

Once the account has been memorialized some of its features will change. These changes include:

  • The page will no longer appear in any public searches as in “People You May Know” or birthday suggestions
  • The word “Remembering” will be added to the person’s profile next to their name to signify it is a memorial page
  • Friends may or may not be able to share photos on the memorialized timeline (if they can or not will be determined by what setting the account had chosen)
  • The content that was previously posted on the timeline will remain.
  • The account will remain as is and nobody will be allowed to log into the account to make changes

How to Memorialize a Facebook Account

To have a loved one’s account memorialized after they pass, you will need to contact Facebook directly. You may need digital files to include with the online request such as the death certificate, personal identification, and proof of relationship to the deceased.

Setting a Legacy and Deleting Accountfuneral homes in Lakewood, CO

Facebook allows users to determine ahead of time what will happen to their account if they pass. Users can go into their settings to choose which option they would like to have.

The two options are:

  • Setting a legacy contact – This appointed legacy will be able to log into the account and have limited access.
  • Delete account after passing – This setting tells Facebook that upon being notified of their death, to completely delete their account and all content.

If your loved one did not choose one of these options, then after their cremation services in Denver, CO, you will be able to contact Facebook and request for it to be memorialized.

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