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Easy DIY Home Memorial Projects

Creating a memorial in your home for your loved one is a touching way to remember them as well as honor their life. The beautiful thing about these memorials is that they do not have to be big or overly grand to be meaningful. In fact, memorials can be anything (and any size) you wish. Today we are going to talk about some of the favorite home memorial ideas from providers of cremation services in Aurora, CO.

Planting a Tree

This is one of the most common ways that people may honor their loved ones. Planting a tree in the yard serves as a beautiful, living tribute that you can watch grow year after year. Not only that, but the act of planting it can actually be a very healing and therapeutic activity, especially when you invite other family members to join in.

Create a Garden

Instead of planting a tree, if you have the space, why not create an entire garden? You could have it be a vegetable garden that contains your loved one’s favorite veggies, or a flower garden with all the flowers they adored. To make this an extra special space you could add things like a bird feeder, wind chimes, a plaque with your loved one’s name, or even a bench or other sitting areas to rest and reflect.

Create a Memorial Wall

If you don’t have any space outside to create a memorial, no worries as you can create one inside. One way is with a memorial wall. All you need for this wall are some photographs of your loved one and picture frames.

To create this wall simply frame the chosen photographs and arrange them on the wall. It is best when hanging these to arrange them an equal distance from one another so that the overall look appears orderly and designed rather than messy and cluttered. You can also add shelves that hold items such as plants, candles, or personal mementos.

Design a Living Wallcremation services in Aurora, CO

If you would like to incorporate the outdoors in your memorial, consider creating an indoor living wall. This can be made on any wall and can be big or small. What you need for this project are some wall planters as well as plants and/or flowers.

To create your living wall, simply hang your wall planters in the arrangement you wish, Then plant them with indoor plants such as ivy, succulents, lady palm, peace lily, spider plants,s or any other plant that will do well in space conditions. You can also add any special elements that your loved one might have liked such as a special plant, or incorporate their favorite color with the planters or flowers.

You can choose to have the plants hanging from one planter to another or keep each one in its own space. This makes such a nice, vibrant, living tribute that can bring your comfort every time you tend to it.

To learn more about memorials or cremation services in Aurora, CO., feel free to reach out to us anytime as our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is always here to help.

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