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How Funeral Services Help Us Heal

When talking to funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO. about services for your loved one who has passed, you may not realize just how important the funeral service is. Funerals are much more than just a way to say goodbye to our loved ones. These ceremonies also provide a system of support with our friends and family, allow us to reflect on the life of the deceased, and help us process the act of life and death.

If you are attending a funeral service for a friend or relative, let’s look a little deeper at some of the ways this ritual can help you in the healing process.

Acknowledge the Death

Although never easy, acknowledging the death of our loved ones is something we must face. Attending a funeral service helps us in facing and acknowledge the reality of death. It allows us to begin the process of grieving and do so in a safe space with friends and loved ones.

Be Surrounded by Support

With everyone at the service being there to show support and respect for the deceased and their family, it creates a wonderful space for support and love. Funerals allow everyone to feel this love and support and realize they are not alone in their grief. It’s a wonderful place to come together and help one another during this difficult time.

Pay Tribute to the Person Who Passed

During the services, there will most likely be eulogies given and perhaps other stories of the deceased will be shared. This gives everyone a chance to remember the loved one and hear stories about them that they may not have heard before.

As the services end, many people may stay behind sharing stories and more memories of the deceased. This gives a wonderful opportunity to really honor and pay tribute to the loved one and their life.

Ceremonies Give Us Comfort

With funeral services being a ritual or ceremony, this in itself can bring us comfort. With ceremonies having a structure, and a specific order of things, it can provide a sense of ease. In this difficult and uncertain time, having a ceremony that follows a structured outline can make us feel a little more stable and grounded. We know what to expect and we have something to focus on and follow.

Help Us Begin to Healfuneral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO

Funeral services are a way to say goodbye to the deceased and realize and accept the loss. These services also mark a time when we begin to heal. While the healing process will look different for everybody, the funeral service and being surrounded by love and support is a wonderful way to begin the journey.

Final Thoughts

Funeral services are ceremonies that not only pay tribute to the deceased but also allow friends and family members to be surrounded by love and support. When you are discussing services with funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO. know that this ceremony will help begin the grieving and healing process and is an important step in the journey, as it will help provide support, healing, acknowledgment, and closure.

funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO

Memorial Funds: Helping with Funeral Costs

Funerals can be expensive. Flowers, caskets, memorial programs, funeral favors, and more can all add up quickly. If families had not made arrangements prior, it can all be overwhelming. This can be especially true if the death was sudden as many families may have a difficult time coming up with this extra money in such a short timeframe. As directors of funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO. we understand the burden this can sometimes cause families. That’s why today we are going to discuss memorial funds.

What is a Memorial Fund?

A memorial fund is an account where people can donate money to honor the deceased as well as help the surviving family. These accounts can be set up for many different reasons some of the most common beings:

  • Funeral Costs – As stated above, with funerals being able to be quite costly, many families will set up a memorial fund to help offset some of these costs.
  • Unexpected Expenses – Other than funeral costs, there may be additional expenses the family will need to pay such as getting the deceased’s affairs in order, securing their property and/or pets, etc.
  • Memorials or other Tributes – Setting up a memorial fund is a wonderful way to help pay for a memorial for your loved one. This could be anything from planting a tree to donating a bench.
  • Surviving Children – Memorial funds are often set up for surviving children of the deceased. This money typically goes to things like school supplies, tuition, and living expenses while they attend a school or a savings fund.

How to Set Up a Memorial Fund

Luckily, setting up a memorial fund is very easy and just about anyone who can use the internet can set one up. There are several sites that allow for free funds to be designed as well as ones that can be purchased that have additional features. No matter what site you choose for your fund, the setup is typically the same and includes these steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose your webpage template
  3. Edit the template to include all of your image and text content
  4. Set up banking and personal information
  5. Publish the webpagefuneral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO

Once the webpage has been published, it will be live. This means that anyone with the link may visit the page and donate. One ideal place to place this link is in a post on social media. In this post explain what the fund is for as well as why it is important. Then include the link and invite people to share. This will ensure the posts gains the most traction.

How Long Can the Memorial Fund Last?

There is no set rule on how long the memorial fund can remain active. Some families may set a monetary goal and leave the fund active until that goal is reached. Other families may opt to only have it last a certain timeframe such as six months after the funeral. It is truly up to each family how long they wish to keep it active.

If you would like more information about memorial funds and how they can help with costs from funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO., call us anytime and talk one-on-one with one of our knowledgeable funeral directors.

funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO

Attending a Funeral: Most Commonly Asked Questions

Funerals can be uncomfortable to attend. This is especially true if it is your first one as you may feel anxious about what to expect. You might also be nervous about what to say to the grieving family as well as if what you are wearing is appropriate. To help you feel more comfortable, directors of funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO. answer some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to these services.

What Should I Wear?

This is probably the most asked question as people do not want to look out of place or dress inappropriately. Most often, the standard color for funerals is black, but other colors are also acceptable. If you do not have anything black, feel free to wear other colors as long as they are darker, more somber colors. These include dark gray, and navy, tones of deep purples such as eggplant ad even deep greens and other natural stones.

As far as the style of outfit, you want to dress nicely. Imagine you are attending a Sunday morning church service and dressing for that occasion. This means for women, dresses, skirts, and blouses, as well as pant suits, are appropriate. For men, either slacks, a dress shirt, a tie, or a suit is a good choice.

Should I Bring Children?

Bringing children to a funeral service can depend on a few things, First, consider their age and if they are mature enough to sit still for the entire service. If they are young and may endlessly fidget or make a fuss then it is best to probably leave them with a relative or a sitter.

If they are older, then you may want to consider their mental maturity level and if they are equipped to handle the situation. This will be a personal decision based on you and your child.

What Do I Say to the Family?

When offering your condolences to the family, it is best to keep it short. Things you could say include:

  • I’m sorry for your loss
  • You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers
  • He will be greatly missed
  • She was a ray of sunshine and was loved by everyone who knew her

Where Do I Sit?funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO

This is always a concern as people don’t want to offend anyone by sitting in the wrong space. The most important thing to know here is to not sit in any of the first few rows as these are reserved for family. Also, the funeral may have attendants to escort you to a seat. If not, typically the left side of the room is for friends and acquaintances to sit while the right is for family.

Is it Okay to Be on My Phone Before the Service Begins?

No. In fact, if you can leave your phone in your car or at home that is even better. While we are used to getting our phones out and texting or scrolling Facebook while we wait someplace, this is not an appropriate time to do so. You are there to pay respects and honor the deceased. Sit quietly and respectfully while you wait for the service to start.

Although these aren’t all the questions directors of funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO. get, it is some of the most common. Hopefully, by answering these, you will feel more comfortable when attending your first funeral.

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