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Funerals can be expensive. Flowers, caskets, memorial programs, funeral favors, and more can all add up quickly. If families had not made arrangements prior, it can all be overwhelming. This can be especially true if the death was sudden as many families may have a difficult time coming up with this extra money in such a short timeframe. As directors of funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO. we understand the burden this can sometimes cause families. That’s why today we are going to discuss memorial funds.

What is a Memorial Fund?

A memorial fund is an account where people can donate money to honor the deceased as well as help the surviving family. These accounts can be set up for many different reasons some of the most common beings:

  • Funeral Costs – As stated above, with funerals being able to be quite costly, many families will set up a memorial fund to help offset some of these costs.
  • Unexpected Expenses – Other than funeral costs, there may be additional expenses the family will need to pay such as getting the deceased’s affairs in order, securing their property and/or pets, etc.
  • Memorials or other Tributes – Setting up a memorial fund is a wonderful way to help pay for a memorial for your loved one. This could be anything from planting a tree to donating a bench.
  • Surviving Children – Memorial funds are often set up for surviving children of the deceased. This money typically goes to things like school supplies, tuition, and living expenses while they attend a school or a savings fund.

How to Set Up a Memorial Fund

Luckily, setting up a memorial fund is very easy and just about anyone who can use the internet can set one up. There are several sites that allow for free funds to be designed as well as ones that can be purchased that have additional features. No matter what site you choose for your fund, the setup is typically the same and includes these steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose your webpage template
  3. Edit the template to include all of your image and text content
  4. Set up banking and personal information
  5. Publish the webpagefuneral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO

Once the webpage has been published, it will be live. This means that anyone with the link may visit the page and donate. One ideal place to place this link is in a post on social media. In this post explain what the fund is for as well as why it is important. Then include the link and invite people to share. This will ensure the posts gains the most traction.

How Long Can the Memorial Fund Last?

There is no set rule on how long the memorial fund can remain active. Some families may set a monetary goal and leave the fund active until that goal is reached. Other families may opt to only have it last a certain timeframe such as six months after the funeral. It is truly up to each family how long they wish to keep it active.

If you would like more information about memorial funds and how they can help with costs from funeral homes in Wheat Ridge, CO., call us anytime and talk one-on-one with one of our knowledgeable funeral directors.

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