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Hello and welcome to funeral Facts with Deacon Mark.

We started last week talking about the ministries we offer as part of the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Funeral Cemetery Services of Colorado and we talked about the crypt of all souls. Today, we’re going to talk about a very special ministry program we have called Precious Lives and it’s a program where at no cost of families, we take into our care.

Those babies that are lost prematurely through stillbirth, through miscarriage, and we give them a funeral and we give them a committal as well and so it’s a beautiful ministry, but I want to start with the why do we do it?

People ask why do you? Why do you take care of these babies?

Bottom line answer is they’re babies. We believe as a church that life starts at the time of conception and so these individuals that are in the womb of their mothers are children, children of God unfortunately we don’t get to meet them or spend a lot of time with them but they are children of god and so we want to treat them respectfully and we want to give them a burial here.

Every month on the third Wednesday of the month we have families coming to us that have lost their babies and we provide them at no cost at all a funeral and we do it right here in the chapel so we provide that funeral for them, and then we go out and we have the precious life sections in our cemetery where we lay those babies to rest and often times the parents can then come back and see their baby that they lost and be with that child they lost and cared so much for.

So, we do have the precious lives, and we want everybody to know about it. Because way too any families experience miscarriages and experience this type of loss and we want them to know that the church is here to care for their loved one, care for their baby but also care for them as a couple.

That’s this week’s Funeral Facts with Deacon Marc.

Make it a great week.

For more information about the Precious Lives Burial Program, visit the following link: https://cfcscolorado.org/mission-programs/precious-lives-burial/


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