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Keep These Things in Mind When Selecting a Casket

Making arrangements for ground burial in a cemetery in Aurora, CO. requires making several decisions. Other than the grave marker, one of the most important decisions is the selection of your loved one’s casket. With so many types and styles, as well as ways to customize them, this decision can be a little daunting. We are going to look at some of the major elements to keep in mind when making this important choice.

Casket Material Construction

One of the things you will need to decide is what type of material you want the casket to be made from. There are several different materials available with each having its own set of characteristics such as some being more durable with others may be more decorative.

Some of the most common types to choose from include copper, bronze, metal, gold, stainless steel, wood, veneer, laminate, wicker, bamboo, and even eco-friendly caskets.

Type of Casket Top

Caskets typically offer two choices when it comes to the tops. Either a half-couch or full-couch design. A half-couch design consists of the top half being able to be opened with the bottom half staying stationary. By contrast, a full-couch design allows the top to be opened fully on both halves.

Inside Lining

The inside lining of the casket is often satin but families can choose from other materials such as velvet, and polyester. These linings can be found in different standard colors as well as offer additional colors that can be used to customize a loved one’s casket.

Inside Design

Many caskets offer a design to be added to the inside top lid so that when it is open, the design can be seen. These designs can be found to include photographs, embroidered designs, and even decorations medallions may be added.

Exterior Design

Not only do families have options when it comes to interior design, but the exterior of the casket can also have a design. This design can be on just one part of the casket or wrap the casket entirely. Some popular designs include:

  • Having a cross or portrait of the deceased on part of the casket top
  • Adding a flag design to the entire top of the casket
  • Designing all exterior sides of the casket with a design such as flowers, clouds, or sunrise

With today’s technology, almost any design can be transferred onto the casket including old photographs and custom drawings.cemetery in Aurora, CO

Additional Elements

Once the design of the casket has been determined, there are additional elements that are available. Some of these include things like memory drawers and secret compartments where families can add personal mementos to be buried with their loved ones.

Other features are more decorative in nature such as the hardware used and embellishments added.

Final Thoughts

With so many options, selecting the casket to bury your loved one in the cemetery in Aurora, CO. can seem overwhelming. Just remember to take it step-by-step, one element at a time and you will be sure to design a casket as beautiful and unique as your loved one.

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Coping With Grief by Helping Others

Experiencing grief is hard, Plain, and simple. When we lose a loved one, the emotions we feel can be overwhelming. While time does help, this brings little comfort at the moment. One thing that can help us get through this grief is by helping others. The act of giving helps us redirect our focus to something good and positive. While we may not feel instantly happy, these feelings can provide a balance for our well-being. After your loved one’s services in the cemetery in Wheat Ridge, CO., here are some things you can do to help others.

Donate to a Charity

If your loved one had a favorite charity or cause they stood behind and supported, a wonderful act of kindness you can do is make a donation to this organization. This donation could be a one-time thing or you could set up a reoccurring donation to be made monthly or so. You could also make a donation in your loved one’s name as an extra way to pay tribute to and honor them.

Donate Old Items

Although cleaning out your loved one’s old items can be difficult, knowing they might help someone else can make the process a little easier. There are many places that will take these old items and put them to very good use. Some places include:

  • Organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army can use any household items
  • Police stations will often take old toys and stuffed animals (these items are often given to any children who are in their care due to emergencies or family issues)
  • Homeless shelters can use old clothes, pillows, blankets
  • Women and children’s shelters always need clothes, blankets, et
  • Schools and libraries will often take old books and videos

Volunteering Your Timecemetery in Wheat Ridge, CO

Finding a place to volunteer your time is a beautiful way to help others. You could offer your time to an organization that your loved one supported such as the local humane society. You could also offer your time to places that might have helped your loved one when they were alive such as the hospital or retirement home. If your loved one adored the outdoors, you could contact a local park and offer to help be on the clean-up or maintenance crew. The possibilities are endless.

Giving Food to a Food Bank

If your loved one had a kitchen full of food when they passed, take what you can to a local food bank. There are so many people that depend on these food banks for their family’s food. Knowing your loved one’s food can help these families stay nourished and can fill you with feelings of comfort.

Final Thoughts

While no one act will simply take away all of the sorry or grief you are feeling after your loved one’s passing, helping others and showing kindness can help. By performing these acts, our brain produces more of the “feel good” hormones. Although these hormones won’t be enough to completely take over, they are enough to at least help balance us out in this difficult time. That’s why after your loved one’s service in the cemetery in Wheat Ridge, CO., finding ways to help others is important.

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Top Reasons People Put Off Preplanning Cremation Services

Preplanning your final arrangements is something that most all people admit is very important. However, many of these same people will never actually make their arrangements. This could be for a myriad of reasons. Today we are going to look at some of the top reasons providers of cremation services in Thornton, CO. hear why people put off this important planning.

I’m Too Busy

Look, we get it. In this day and age, we are all running around multitasking from one project and chore to the next. Between work, school, kids, bills, and more it is easy to put things off. The thing is though, we seem to have time for things we put a value on. For example, even though you may be busy when your child has an activity such as a recital, you make the time to attend. The same s true with your preplanning needs. You need to realize the value and then you will be much easier to find the time.

I’m Too Young

Many people think that preplanning final arrangements are something you do later in life when you are older. However, nothing in this world is guaranteed and even if you are young and healthy, nobody can ever guarantee how much time you have in this world. Even if you don’t make the actual final arrangements, you can still begin thinking and planning for them by starting a savings account or at least making your last wishes known in writing.

I Don’t Want to Think About My Death

This is probably the most common reason people put off preplanning their final arrangements. Thinking about one’s own mortality and facing death can be a very uncomfortable issue for many people. However, once they begin preplanning, many realize that the comfort it brings to them knowing their last wishes are taken care of and the stress will be off of their family, outweighs this uncomfortable feeling.

Why You Should Preplancremation services in Thornton, CO

Even though these are all valid reasons, they are not reason enough to ignore preplanning your arrangements. Not only does preplanning ensure your last wishes are made known and followed, but it eases the stress and burden off of your family at the time of your passing.

When you pass, your loved ones will be experiencing feelings of pain, loss, sorry, and grief. They will have a lot to handle such as bank accounts, loans, credit cards, and more. Help ease their burden by taking away the stress of making your final arrangements.

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of reasons people may put off making their final arrangements for cremation services in Thornton, CO. However, we hope in this article we have been able to break through some of these most common reasons to help give you motivation and inspiration to put them aside and final start the pre-planning process. When you are ready, please know that we are here and happy to help guide you to ensure everything gets addressed and nothing gets overlooked.

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Remembering Your Loved One: 8 DIY Upcycling Ideas

Feeling close to a loved one after they pass is a wonderful way to find comfort. This can be done in many ways but one way that is growing in popularity is upcycling an old item of your loved one. If you are not familiar with the term “upcycling”, it simply means taking an old, unused item, and transforming it into a new one that is used in a different way. Keep reading as directors of funeral homes in Thornton, CO. share eight DIY upcycling ideas.

1. Tea Cup Candles

Did your loved one have a teacup they loved or a collection? If so, taking these tea cups and making candles out of them is a wonderful way to upcycle this item. You can then use the candle as part of a memorial or simply pretty décor for your home or office.

2. Vinyl Record Clock

If your loved one was a music fan, why not take one of their old vinyl records and turn it into a clock? There are several DIY videos on YouTube as well as other online tutorials on how to complete this project.

3. Bicycle Planter

Add a touch of your loved one to your garden by making a planter out of their old bicycle. This is not a difficult project and will add a wonderful personal touch to your garden.

4. Make a Quilt

By using some of your loved one’s old clothes, you can make a beautiful memorial quilt. There are tutorials on how to do this or you could take the pieces of clothing to a professional and have them create the quilt.

5. Spoon Windchimes

Taking some of your loved one’s old silverware and creating a windchime is an easy afternoon DIY project. You could use only one type of silverware such as all spoons, or all forks, or get creative and mix it up.

6. Create a Pillowfuneral homes in Thornton, CO

A very easy and wonderful way to feel close to your loved one is to create a pillow out of one of their old t-shirts. There are instructions online on how to do this with or without sewing. Having this pillow to snuggle with can be a great way to feel comforted by your loved one.

7. Transform Furniture

If your loved one had an old dresser, there are ways to take the drawers and create a brand new side table. You can use this side table next to your bed, in your living room beside your couch, or any other place where you want to be reminded of your loved one. Finding these instructions online is easily done by performing a Google search.

8. Transform a Piece of Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can be transformed into several different new items. From using pieces to turn into hair clips to keychains, there are a ton of DIY videos to help guide you through whichever project you choose.

After your loved one’s services from funeral homes in Thornton, CO. finding ways to feel connected to them can go a long way in helping you to heal. Creating something new from something old also reminds us that even though they may be gone from this world, their spirit lives on in the next.

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