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The service that is held before the burial in a cemetery in Aurora, CO. is the funeral. These services have been taking place in one form or another for over thousands of years. These rituals are important in many cultures as a way to honor the deceased as well as focus on the moving of life from this world to the spiritual one.

While these services have a typical order of service, they can be customized to make them more personal for your loved one. Let’s look at some ways this is done.

Change Up the Guestbook Into Something Different

When guests first arrive at the service, they will make their way over and sign the guestbook. This is the first opportunity to change things up a little. Rather than having guests just sign their name in the book, invite them to write a short memory or other note instead. This will make the guestbook a keepsake that you can look back on.

Personalize the Décor

Another way to customize the service is by the décor. This could be anything from using their favorite color to their favorite holiday for inspiration. For example, if they loved Christmas, you could include holiday décor and poinsettias. If they loved the color yellow, you could use yellow flowers, tablecloths, candles, or other elements. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look “traditional”. Guests won’t mind and in fact, may enjoy it as it can make them feel more connected to the deceased.

Display a Photo Collage

Creating a photo collage display provides a perfect opportunity to show off your loved one’s life and personality. You could add photos that show things like:

  • Their wedding, graduation, or other big life events
  • Childhood photos
  • Photos of their first car or other things that were important to them
  • Achievements, medals, and ribbons
  • Images of them surrounded by friends and/or family
  • Images of them enjoying their hobbies or passions

When choosing photos, you can ask other family members and even close friends for photos as they may have some great photos you have not even seen before.

Serve Their Favorite Dishcemetery in Aurora, CO

At the reception after the funeral consider serving your loved one’s favorite dish. Maybe it was something that was homemade by you or them. Perhaps it was a savory entrée from a local restaurant. Whatever it was, serving it at the reception as either the entire menu or part of it is a wonderful way to personalize this event. And don’t forget about the drink. Did they have something they always loved? Maybe sweet tea or lemonade? Perhaps a favorite beer or wine? Make sure to include this as well.

Final Thoughts

You can see that there are a variety of ways you can customize your loved one’s funeral. This can bring much comfort to families who wish for something a little more unique. If you would like more information on services at the cemetery in Aurora, CO., or more ways to customize your loved one’s tribute, contact us today as we are always here to help.

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