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Short Guide to Burial With Cremation

Many people are still under the belief that they cannot have a ground burial with cremation services in Lakewood, CO. However, this is simply not the case. A ground burial with cremation is in fact possible and is much like that of a burial of someone who has not been cremated. To learn more about how burial works with cremation, keep reading as we dive deeper into this topic.

First Steps of Cremation With Burial

The first thing that happens with cremation and burial is that the body will be brought to the crematory. Here, all the necessary paperwork such as the death certificate and additional paperwork is completed. The body is then taken to the crematory and the cremation takes place.

After the Cremation

Once the cremation has taken place, the cremains is returned to the family in an urn of their choice or a temporary urn. If the deceased will be buried, this is typically done in a biodegradable urn.

Why Have a Burial with Cremation?

There are a variety of reasons people may choose to have their loved one’s remains buried after cremation. One reason is religious beliefs. Many religions are accepting of creation but feel the cremains should be kept together and buried.

Other families may simply wish to bury their loved one’s remains so they have a physical place to be able to visit and feel close to their loved ones.

Selecting a Burial Location for Cremains

There are many places that offer burial plots for cremation urns. Two of the most popular types of plots are:

  • Cremation Graves – These are burial spots that are specifically for cremated remains. They are smaller than the plots for casket burials and some plots may hold two or more cremation urns. You can typically find the spaces available in cemeteries and cremation gardens.
  • Private Burial Plot – These plots are for those who want a private location and most likely will have several plots in a grouping so that many family members can be buried alongside one another.

Do You Need an Urn Vault?cremation services in Lakewood, CO

Many cemeteries may require families to purchase and use an urn vault for their burial. If you are not familiar with an urn vault, it is a container that provides protection against water and other natural occurrences from damaging the cremation urn. This vault also helps the ground to not shift or move once the urn has been buried. While most cemeteries do require these vaults, it is up to the individual location. If you are not sure if you will need an urn vault or not, make sure to contact the cemetery directly and ask.

Final Thoughts

While some people may choose cremation services in Lakewood, CO. because they wish to have their ashes scattered, many people will want to have their cremains buried. Whether this is due to religious beliefs or personal preference, it is nice to know that this act can be done and is done quite frequently. Because of this, it is easier than ever for families to find a location and arrange the services for their loved ones to be buried after cremation.

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How to Make Your Loved One’s Headstone Unique

When making your funeral arrangements with funeral homes in Lakewood, CO., you are going to want to make the services personal and unique to them and their life. Many people carry this idea further by creating a headstone for their grave that is also very unique and customized to their loved one. If you would like to create a headstone that is one-of-a-kind for your loved one, there are many ways to do so. We are going to explore some of the most common design elements you can customize for your loved one’s headstone.

Headstone Shape and Design

One of the most prominent features of the headstone is its shape. With modern cutting and carving techniques, headstones can be shaped into just about any shape and design imaginable. Whether the family prefers a more traditional and elegant design such as a square or rounded top shape, other families may opt for something more free-flowing and choose a wavy or curvy design. Some other options for shapes include:

  • Oval with checks
  • Oval with shoulders
  • Ogee top
  • Half-round
  • Peon with checks
  • Offset peon top

Choosing the Headstone Color

The color of the headstone is the next design element to consider as it will make the most impact after the shape. The color choices will most likely depend on what material you choose but colors can often be found including rose, green, gray, black, red, and more. You can also choose to have the headstone include more than one color.

Font Choices

Not only will what is written on the headstone convey information such as your loved one’s name, date of birth, date of passing, etc., but will also affect the overall design aesthetic of the headstone.

The font you choose will play a part in the feel of the monument. For example, if you choose a curvy, cursive font, it appears to be more elegant and classy. While a very strong block font will give the appearance of being very rigid. Whichever font you choose, you want to make sure you do not sacrifice legibility for design. The font may look great, but if you can’t read what the words say, then go with another choice.

Additional Elements

Adding additional elements can really make the headstone unique to your loved one and stand out. Some additional items you could add include:funeral homes in Lakewood, CO

  • Portrait engraved directly on the stone
  • Sculptural elements such as a heart, cross, bird, angels, wings, etc.
  • A porcelain image being applied
  • A Bench added to the headstone
  • Vases included in the headstone design

Check With Your Cemetery

Before making any final decisions on the design of the headstone, always check with the cemetery first. This is because many cemeteries have rules on what is and what isn’t allowed. They may have regulations on what type of material the headstone can be or even what symbols are allowed. If you need additional help, headstone providers as well as funeral directors from funeral homes in Lakewood, CO. can assist you.

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Considerations When Selecting a Cremation Urn

Choosing an urn after your loved one’s cremation services in Denver, CO. can feel overwhelming. After all, this container has great importance and will be the final resting place for your loved one’s cremains for years to come. You want something that does your loved one justice, but also is going to be durable and appropriate for where it will be displayed. Although there are several designs and types to choose from, if you keep the following things in mind when shopping, it can help you select the perfect one.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Dimensions

Before you start shopping for the urn, it is important to know where you plan to display it. For example, will it be resting on a shelf or mantle in your home? Perhaps you wish to have it placed in a columbarium niche. In any case, you will need to measure the space and know what dimensions the urn will need to be. Make sure to pay attention to the measurements such as height, width, and depth of the space. The same is true if you wish for the urn to be buried as many will need to fit inside the cremation vault.

Choosing the Correct Size

Many people may not be aware that cremation urns actually come in different sizes. Determining what size you need depends largely on how much your loved one weighed as the standard rule of thumb is for each pound of body weight, one cubic inch of space is needed. This means that, for example, a person who weighed 145 pounds would need an urn of at least 145 cubic inches or more.

Select the Most Appropriate Material

Urns today come in a wide selection of materials. Everything from wood to glass and steel. Each of these materials has its own set of pros and cons and is each suitable for certain environments more than others.

For example, if you plan on having your urn displayed at home in a busy area of the house where it may get knocked over, you may wish to choose a more durable material such as wood orcremation services in Denver, CO metal over a more delicate one like glass or ceramic.

Set a Budget and Stay Within This Range

Just as there are many types, styles, designs, and materials that urns can be found in, the same is true when it comes to pricing. Urns today can start out very budget friendly to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. To make sure you select an urn that you don’t regret later, make sure to set a budget and stay within this range.

Final Thoughts

Selecting your loved one’s urn after their cremation services in Denver, CO. can seem very overwhelming. Just remember to take a deep breath, consider these things we have discussed and take your time. If you need more help, take a family member or close family friend with you while shopping. They can offer their support and advice and be a second opinion when needed.

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A Guide to Porcelain Memorial Portraits

While once headstones only had options of what shape they came in as well as what was engraved on them, today there are several different ways families can personalize their loved one’s headstone. One such way is with porcelain portraits. These are wonderful additions as they can be added to the headstone at any time meaning that a family can add this personal touch to an existing headstone. As directors of funeral homes in Denver, CO. we often get asked about these embellishments so today we are answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

What Exactly is a Porcelain Memorial Portrait?

If you are not familiar with a porcelain memorial portrait, it is simply an image that is placed on a piece of porcelain and attached externally to a headstone. These porcelain portraits are made from a porcelain tablet that is baked to over 800 degrees Celsius. They are durable and stand up well to the elements. Due to their durability, many manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee.

What Shapes and Sizes are Available?

Porcelain portraits can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular shares are oval, rectangular, round, and heart-shaped. They can also be created in custom shapes. The same is true when it comes to sizes. Some providers may have standard sizes but these portraits can be made in custom sizes as well.

Are the Porcelain Portraits in Color?

Yes. While some families may choose to have the portrait created in black and white, these embellishments are available in color. While sometimes color is subject to fading over time, these portraits hold their color fairly well due to the fact the color pigment is added during the heating process making it very durable against fading.

How to Choose the Best Photo to Create the Portrait

While each porcelain memorial portrait provider may be able to offer slightly different options and/or services, there are a few things that are pretty universal when it comes to the image of the portrait. These things are:

  • The background can typically be removedfuneral homes in Denver, CO
  • Normally the image will need to be in a digital format and be a .jpeg file of at least 300 dpi
  • The colors of the end product may not match the photo exactly due to the pigments and the high temperatures they are heated to
  • It’s best to use the original photo if at all possible
  • Slight retouching and alterations can sometimes be done to the image
  • The image many times can be flipped (mirror image)
  • Black and white images can be colorized
  • The porcelain piece can be in the portrait or the landscape format

Final Thoughts

As directors of funeral homes in Denver, CO., we are often asked about ways to personalize services and headstones. We understand as you want your loved one’s final arrangements to be as unique as they were. Porcelain portraits are a wonderful way to add a personal touch to their headstone and show the world how wonderful your loved one was.

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